The basic aspects to consider when designing a new website

The design of a new website for local Miami business for the promotion of products and services requires a set of strategies designed for the site to be a seller and successful and achieve the mission that an entrepreneur or an SME has in the network. This is why to catch and awaken the interest of the user from the beginning, it is vital for a business in the network, after all the exit door is only within reach of a mouse click, here are few tips that will undoubtedly help to achieve it.

Your page has to load fast

You only have a few precious seconds to arouse their interest before they leave. Your visitors and probably you would not wait for 30, 40, or 50 seconds until the site loads, on the Internet time weighs a lot, when we surf the web you lose patience quickly, so it is best to make sure your pages are graphically light,so it does not turn your website into a “heavy” site.

Determine to rank based on your interest

Your visitor before buying goes first of all in search of information, the “What’s Here for Me”, give them just that information, give them content that cannot get in your competition, make sure your website content is not the same as others have, you must approach it from a novel point of view, that makes it fresh and original. This way they will feel that your site has what they are looking for and that only you can offer.

Put in view what you offer

Teach them clearly and from the outset the products or services you sell, if your prospects are not sure that your website is going, they will get confused,and they will go away,and it is very unlikely that you will recover them.

Catch it with a powerful title

If you put a title that draws your attention, you will attract their interest to see what you have for them and will stay longer which increases the possibility that you can sell your products or services.

Give to receive

Do you want your visitors to subscribe to your Newsletter?Then offer them free and relevant content, is the best way to earn their trust, trust is a very important step before they decide to buy your products or services. After the subscription you can also send information periodically, be it courses, seminars and even free software that supports and serves as a tool to complement the relevant information of interest.

Simple but elegant design

A simple website does not have to be unattractive, contrary to what many people think, the websites that have the most business opportunities and that currently sell the most on the web are precisely those that are simple but elegant. Very important without grammatical errors, a place with spelling errors denotes little professionalism and generates rejection and distrust in the users. It should not have garish background colors; it should be pleasing to the eye and its texts with a suitable size and easy to read for everyone.

Put a map to your site

If your website is very large, it is best to have a site map to help you get what you are looking that grasps your interest.

Basic Information

Always, you must include the name, address, and phone numbers on our website. It is amazing the number of businesses that circulate through the network that give the impression of being orphans, they lack basic information of the person in charge, which generates without doubt distrust and little credibility for the user, there is also a contact e-mail if possible, in every one of the pages that make up the site.


If you have to answer the same questions over and over again, it is best to make a page with the answers to these frequently asked questions; your visitors have to consult them to clear their doubts related to your products or services quickly.

Offer them a Glossary of Terms

An excellent way for your prospects to come back again and again to your business is to put at your disposal, a glossary of terms with the information they need, they will return again and again to consult your doubts,and you will have more possibilities to offer your products or services.
The website must be designed to catch and awaken the user’s interest from the start, and in this way, the prospect spends as much time as possible on the website, so that you can see your products or services, and before that he thinks that what he is looking for is elsewhere and leaves.  When you are ready for that new website
contact the experts at Smash Interactive Agency and get started today!

If you have tight budget then here is the tip for How to Get a Fabulous Website Design and Development on a Tight Budget?

Fundamental rules to improve the SEO ranking of your articles

While you are going to create a website or blog, you must carry out a keyword strategy to direct your ranking strategy in Miami. When you create an article, you must take into account your Keyword strategy. For this,you must be clear about your objective and what you want to convey. The first and most important point is the Keyword strategy.Google also values the quality of an article and takes it into account for online ranking. It enables you to bring your title at the top using SEO ranking locally in Miami.

Choose a good title, and structure the content in subtitles

Another of the most important aspects when it comes to writing is the structure that your content will have and how you will incorporate your Keyword.At this point will depend a lot on the length of the post you write, the theme and your style but there are few mandatory standards that you must take into account.
Your article must contain:1 Main title, or H1and this should contain the chosen Key Word.You must have between 1 and 5 secondary subtitles or H2. The advisable thing is that at least the Keyword appears in 1 of them and the sooner,the better.More subtitles like H3, H4, etc.This is no longer mandatory; you have to keep in mind that if you are going to have a title within a subtitle, it should be of a lower rank because it is inside the H2, this makes the content have a logical structure facing Google.

Pay special attention to the introduction and conclusion

The introduction is obvious, it is the first thing the user will read,and it is vital to capture their attention and keep reading. Try to write clearly for whoever is going to read and try to share with questions and make clear that the post will go from line number 1.The introduction is also one of the first things that Google will read when it passes through our site so put the keyword previously chosen as soon as possible and always in the first paragraph.
The conclusion or closing is an easy thing as if someone has reached the end it is because you have done your job well and therefore it is time to ask something in return to your reader, to subscribe to your newsletter, to follow you on social networks, comment or buy your product. You can get more details by contacting Smash Interactive Agency in Miami.

Monitor the density of the Keyword

When you write, sometimes you forget to incorporate the keyword while you write, this is something fundamental since a good optimization of the density of keywords can be a fundamental factor to rise to the top of the positions of Google. It is advisable that the density is between 1 and 2.5%.

Incorporate images

Images, images,and more images, put images in your articles, they will make reading more enjoyable,and you can also use them to improve your Keyword density without being seen in the text. The truth is that it has little secrecy but if it is true that many people do not take it into account and forget to give a good title to the images and many give them an alternative title.

Link the content through links

This is also simple; if you talk about improving SEO ranking you can also talk about the importance of inbound marketing when defining a strategy for your blog and get leads, you can put a link to a page of your website that provides more information on this topic.It is also advisable to put an external link of authority that talks about the subject of your blog. In this way, we help Google to understand the subject of our article better.

Categorize the article appropriately

Finally, if you use categories or labels when cataloging your articles, study, organize and plan what they are going to be, do not start creating categories and labels for each new article that you write as you will begin to duplicate content without realizing it and that, will result in bad impression in Google ranking.

Importance of Pay Per click

If we could combine the innumerable qualities of pay per click or PPC for you local Miami based business in a single paragraph, attributes such as economy, scalability, results, traffic, ease, agility, visibility, effectiveness, growth, and solution would undoubtedly be present. Which in itself are powerful arguments for you to use this advertising medium of your business on the Internet, and speaks very well of the technique and the medium?
Its economy is very clear where you only pay for the click that customers make on your ads, which makes this medium the cheapest of all you can find in the market. If the economy is synonymous with income and utility, then it is better to be on your side when you want to advertise your products and services.
Scalability is one of its attributes, consisting of being able to carry out campaigns from the smallest to the largest investment of money, from the smallest to the largest market reach, from least to greatest impact. Scalability allows any business of any size to venture into advertising and online marketing. Otherwise, new ventures and small businesses would be excluded.

Ease of payment per click

Management looks for results; businesses need the results to move forward in their efforts, all use the results to corroborate that they are on the right track, and this is a targeted tool aimed at results, in the payment of the money, in the attainment of clients, and the sale of services.
The virtual stores have among their objectives the achievement of traffic of prospects and visitors to their website, attracting them to their content, selling their solutions and services, developing relationships with customers. But to achieve consumers and customers, you must start by getting traffic to the web, which can be done perfectly through pay per click, becoming an excellent alternative.
Having tools that are easy to use and implement, combined with the agility to obtain results, is a real treasure, and if it is this tool, you already know what you should and can use to get it. Enter Google right now, review its tools, check its effectiveness and design your advertising campaign to grow your business.

Pay per click for all local businesses in Miami

If they tell you that the payment per click is cheap, appropriate to your size and business needs, results-oriented, traffic generator to your website, easy to use and implement, it is better. PPC is agile to obtain business objectives, gives visibility to your company and virtual store, allows you to limit the investment to your possibilities, serves as an indicator of results, and is perfect for any business to implement it in times of restrictions and crises. Would you like to try? Surely yes.

At this point, your mind will be indicating the importance of pay per click, showing that it is a convenient way for your business to travel because there is no shortage of arguments and hypothetical benefits. But what is missing to close the circle and check these advantages, is that you decide to use the tool, make a small advertising campaign test, get up to the free trial if you propose, that is, to act. Because if the technique and available resources are not put into practice, it will not help. So, go ahead, and use pay per click, Google is waiting for you and your business needs it.