Is SEO Relevant In 2020? 2 Points That Say Yes

With the change yet again in the Google algorithm, people have started to question whether SEO is as relevant in 2020 as it was a decade ago. So, before you go and have a talk with your Miami SEO expert, here are some points to clear out whether SEO is still relevant in 2020 or not.

• The first and the most important reason why SEO will be relevant this year and more is because people “Google” their need rather than going straight to a website. And as long as people are searching for things, SEO will be relevant; but what has changed is how you construct that SEO tag. The new BERT update by Google is based on how the search term is relevant to a whole sentence rather than just being there. This helps Google to understand what exactly the user is searching for and find pages that match the search criteria in a full context. So, what does that mean for you? It means that rather than using the SEO randomly in your pages, you must make sure they are there is a relevant and meaningful way. It has become a challenge for SEO experts to create SEO like that, but a good SEO agency in Miami will help you by making unique content centered on SEO words that are important to you.

• Another way SEO is going to be very important is how the new search result page is displayed in the Google search result. On the top, there is a snippet of information from a page that answers the question/search terms the user is looking for. Such snippets will be taken from pages that are optimized well and this position is being called “#0 position”. Being showcased here will boost the ranking of your page tremendously, so, you need to employ a very good Miami SEO expert who can make for you content that is not only unique but optimized well.  The result can also be in form of list and table; so if you provide step by step information regarding subjects relevant to your industry or provide bullet information that has been optimized by your SEO agency in Miami, chances of getting high results in the new algorithm is very much possible.

What makes PHP the best platform for web development in 2020?

We all are acquainted with the term PHP, especially if a person is involved in web development services in Miami. It is a scripting language on the side of the server which is solely designed for web development. It was released in the year 1994 and is still one of the popular server-side programming languages. Surveys have revealed that it is still that around 78.9% of all the websites which utilize server-side programming languages make use of PHP efficiently. Thus, we can say that PHP is an efficient platform for web development in 2020.

Let us see, why PHP is considered the best platform for web development in Miami till now-

  1. It is cost-effective:- Being open-source, one does not need to pay anything for using PHP. Moreover, any developer using PHP can help to keep the cost of website development low. There are no paid updates coming and hence one does not need to spend anything for maintaining PHP. What is needed is a good PHP developer who can provide excellent web development services in Miami. 
  2. PHP is easy and simple to operate:- It is easy to learn PHP since the code is quite clean and organized. The syntax is also simple and anyone who knows coding in any language can easily learn to code in PHP.
  3. It is easily integrated:- Running PHP is not dependent on any platform. One can run it on any kind of platforms like Window, Linux and Unix. PHP can be used independently or can also be integrated with other languages without even re-developing it. PHP is capable of supporting all significant web servers as well.
  4. PHP is a fast programming language:- Among several programming languages, PHP is considered to be the fastest. It has been seen that application which runs on PHP have a faster loading time as compared to other programming languages.
  5. PHP coding can be done faster and edited easily:- While developers code using PHP language, they tend to write lesser code for performing tasks in comparison to other languages. An already written code is easier to write in PHP as well.

Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

With more and more people using the mobile to access the internet, it is time you talked with your digital marketing agency in Miami regarding mobile marketing. But what exactly is mobile marketing? To be precise, it is a form of digital marketing that is targeted specifically to mobile users. So, to help you understand this topic better, here is some information regarding this.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile especially smartphones are here to stay and will be all the better in the future. With the price of smartphones dropping everywhere, the number of mobile users is growing steadily compared to desktop users and laptop users. In heavily populated countries like India, the mobile is the device used even in the interiors where the data connection is good and cheap. That opens a vast new field of potential customers for all businesses. Hence, a marketing strategy dedicated solely to this segment of online users is mobile marketing.

How does it differ from regular digital marketing?

Mobile screens are small, and the data connection is not always fast. So, your digital ads need to be customized according to the mobile screen and need to load fast. Hence, in a way, mobile marketing is basically a customized version of your regular digital marketing and any good digital marketing services in Miami can guide you in this regard.

Why you need a separate mobile marketing strategy?

The same reason you started a digital marketing strategy, is the same reason why you need to have a mobile marketing strategy. People spend 40% of their internet time on a mobile device, and mobile searches have increased by 200% since 2012. Furthermore, the retail conversion rate of mobile users is much higher than PC conversion rates. Another fast-growing segment is the in-game mobile marketing which is simply placing your ads in popular games (people tend to spend 80% of their mobile time playing games) to increase your visibility.

What are the different types of mobile marketing?

Now that you know why it is important, let’s see the various types of mobile marketing your digital marketing agency in Miami may suggest. First is the in-game mobile marketing as described in the previous section. The other is App-based marketing which is placing ads through apps. Both Google and Facebook have specific programs for the advertiser in this regard.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Website

Is your online presence enhancing your business to the maximum? If not, then it is time to give it a thorough look and upgrade the portions it is lacking now. So, what are the portions one needs to see to make sure you need the upgrade? Here are some of the points that will help you decide whether you need to see a good web development company in Miami or not.

  • In today’s world, more people are using their mobile devices to access information rather than logging in through their laptop or desktop. With smartphones becomes cheaper and faster, this trend will grow only upwards from now. Hence, you need to evaluate if your website design is optimized for mobile devices or not. This is very important if you are a small business owner as people use various apps like Google Maps or Zomato to check out local businesses nearby. If your website does not load fast or if the images appear distorted in smaller mobile devices, chances are you will be losing potential customers.
  • Everyone is on in one or other social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. So, if your website is still lacking those share buttons that will let visitors share or mark or even visit your social media accounts, you need to add them pronto. You never know where your potential clients are in this vast virtual world; so let your company’s name spread as much as possible with the help of the website development services in Miami.
  • When it comes to the search engine, Google is the king. So, naturally, everyone wants a good ranking in Google Search results; and design their website accordingly. However, Google algorithms change from time to time and if you have not done the same with your website, you will be lagging in the ranking. Hence, if your website has not been upgraded or modified in the last 4 years, it is high time to do so.
  • Your company is changing for the better from month to month, year to year. So why should your “About Us” page or “Company History” page still looks the same? Hence, it is advisable that you refresh the content of your whole website from time to time. This will also make sure that the SEO keywords used also reflect current popular ones and not those that were popular when you first created the website. So, take the help of a good website development company in Miami and make those changes now.
  • To earn the trust of your customers, you must make sure that your website is a secure connection. So, if you haven’t shifted to HTTPS and have your SSL certificate, your website will not be available to a vast majority of online users. Moreover, if your company is taking online payment, you must make sure that the payment process has the latest security system in place so that no one can hack it. Older components of a website are often vulnerable to Trojan attacks and other malicious attacks, so make sure your website doesn’t have them.

What Are The Top 3 SEO Trends of 2020?

When it comes to online content, the one thing that everyone has heard of and cared about is SEO. And with changing time, you need to change the content of your website so that it stays fresh. Keeping that in mind, here are some trends in search engine optimization for 2020 which you need to talk about with your SEO agency in Miami.

User-focused and BERT optimization

2019 saw the launch of Google’s new algorithm called BERT. One of the focuses of the new algorithm is to match results based on intent rather than pure string matching. So, the SEO should focus on what the user wants to search for rather than focus on strings of words the user may use. To get the perfect search engine optimization, the company must have a holistic marketing strategy in place where they try to find how the customer is searching for the products that they are selling and how they are reaching their brand. Based on that, they can plan their search engine optimization. This is the biggest trend of 2020; SEO is not just something you sprinkle on your digital content to attract the customer, it must be part of your overall business and marketing plan.

High-Quality Content

Naturally, the next trend in 2020 is high-quality content. Gone are the days when you could stuff your page with relevant SEO keywords and get a good ranking; as explained above, a string of keywords is no more relevant in the new algorithm of Google, rather content is. The editorial discretion of Google is becoming better day by day, so focus more on the topic of your page rather than the keywords you are using in them. Hence, you must hire people who can write good original content for your website, and that too for all the pages, including internally linked pages. Also, make sure that the various contents on your website are not the same topic spoken in various angles; such cannibalized content will cancel each other and lower your ranking. Go through your present content with a tooth and comb and see if it was written for the user or your own SEO needs. If it is the first, then congratulation you are already following the top trend of 2020, if not, change now.

Technical and UX SEO

User experience or UX is the biggest thing Miami SEO experts from the team should be focusing on. This means that just enriching your page is not enough; you must see it through the user’s eye. From how they are searching, to your landing page, to their experience after they leave your page must be seen in totality before you design your SEO. And a big part of it will be the technical aspect of your page like how fast it is loading (Google’s chrome has the new “slow warning badges”). JS frameworks are going to help in that as well as PWAs.

So, these are just three of the many trends in Search Engine Optimization that will be dominating 2020. If your website needs to be changed based on any of these, make sure you contact your SEO agency in Miami today.

How to plan the SEO strategy for your restaurant website?

Irrespective of how the website of your restaurant has been performing till date, there are always ways in which its performance can be improved based on SEO and therefore increase the rank of the restaurant in Google. There are many local SEO services in Miami that can help various restaurant websites or be precise their owners boost their visibility on the web through search engine optimization.

Improving the search visibility would thereby increase more and more hungry as well as foodie customers to a restaurant or to any online food joints from where delicious food can be ordered. Various local SEO services in Miami help to perform this task efficiently. It is important to invest in Search Engine Optimization these days. Locality, structured data sentiments of customers can be used to the advantage of a restaurant website to enhance the ranking of a particular restaurant or to a chain of restaurants.

Following are some of the quick tips to boost the ranking of your restaurant website via SEO:-

  1. Define the SEO and strategies of content:- Defining SEO strategies help to narrow the competition and provides a quicker road to driving the quality traffic to a website. Initiate by mentioning the geographical location of your restaurant which would help to shape the content of SEO and strategies of content. It is advisable to classify and group the content according to high-level restaurant terms, niche-specific terms and brand terms for having high-level competition.
  2. Focus in local search:- One should begin with claiming, data standardizing and list optimizing for the restaurants before all of the search properties. This consists of a mixture of search engine directories, social media platforms and industry-specific directory sites. It is also important to incorporate NAP data which is a consistent data source.
  3. Engaging with customers on the social media platform:- It is very important to be active and popular on social media for increasing visibility and publicity. Spreading awareness on the social media about the restaurant helps a customer to know what the things they can expect at that place. The audience should be targeted, engaged and brought them to be influenced. Finally through the engagement of viewers and promoting content on social media a restaurant website will experience more visitors on the main website.
  4. Reviews and testimonials are to be encouraged: It is important to check out reviews and ratings while a person searches for a restaurant. People mostly click on high-star ratings. Reviews are mostly considered to be a part of social media strategy and are a way of engaging traffic via pages of search results.
  5. Mobile phones should be considered especially: It has been seen that most restaurants are searched for mobile phones. Moreover, mobile phones are moving towards a mobile-first experience for users.

Thus, we can conclude with the fact that to be popular, a restaurant website needs to be found online. Once it is found, they can win over the customers through their robust service and good food.