Trends, Forecasts and Stats to Create Winning Mobile Marketing Strategies in 2019

Brands need to be where potential customers are, and all the customers today are on their cell phones.

While a decade ago, digital mobile marketing was conducted by brands that were ahead of their time, today it is a needed part of every business’ marketing plan. In fact, having a website that is mobile friendly is not enough to compete. In order to stand out and grab the attention of customers, businesses need to stay updated with the latest trends and stats.


If you are aiming to have the best approach to mobile marketing in Miami, make sure you are aware of the following trends and stats:

  • Data privacy of customers is a major demand today and rightfully so. 60% of app users do not download apps when it asks for access permission for things it has nothing to do with. 43% users uninstall apps because of the unreasonable demands for permission to access a user’s personal details.
  • 39% of the most frequently used apps include social media. A presence on social media is a must today for brands.
  • Temporary uninstalling is not exactly a reason to worry because some apps are of the nature that they can be reinstalled year round when the needs arise. In 2018, most travel apps had a 57% average reinstall rates after a month of uninstalling, while the media apps had a 20% average reinstall rate after a month of uninstalling.
  • It has been estimated that in2019, 72.4% of the worldwide online population would be accessing social media. This means that brands have to place a great amount of their attention on their social media presence.
  • By the end of 2018,WhatsApp had 1.5 billion accountsworldwide;450 million were active users of those accounts, 100 million WhatsApp users voice mail daily. That’s not all;3 million companies have already started using WhatsApp for business purposes. If you can get creative with this popular app and use it to your advantage then the success of your business is guaranteed.
  • Another useful stat that confirms the importance of mobile marketing is that 80%of Smartphone users are a lot likely to purchase from companies that are extremely active on their mobile sites and apps and provide answers to queries readily.
  • 89% of mobile users, after a positive experience are likely to recommend a brand to others.
  • On the contrary, 57% users say that they won’t recommend a brand on the basis other poorly designed mobile site.

If you think your digital mobile marketing strategy is outdated and lacking, then reach out to us at Agency and we’ll make sure that you leave all your competitors far behind.