What makes PHP the best platform for web development in 2020?

We all are acquainted with the term PHP, especially if a person is involved in web development services in Miami. It is a scripting language on the side of the server which is solely designed for web development. It was released in the year 1994 and is still one of the popular server-side programming languages. Surveys have revealed that it is still that around 78.9% of all the websites which utilize server-side programming languages make use of PHP efficiently. Thus, we can say that PHP is an efficient platform for web development in 2020.

Let us see, why PHP is considered the best platform for web development in Miami till now-

  1. It is cost-effective:- Being open-source, one does not need to pay anything for using PHP. Moreover, any developer using PHP can help to keep the cost of website development low. There are no paid updates coming and hence one does not need to spend anything for maintaining PHP. What is needed is a good PHP developer who can provide excellent web development services in Miami. 
  2. PHP is easy and simple to operate:- It is easy to learn PHP since the code is quite clean and organized. The syntax is also simple and anyone who knows coding in any language can easily learn to code in PHP.
  3. It is easily integrated:- Running PHP is not dependent on any platform. One can run it on any kind of platforms like Window, Linux and Unix. PHP can be used independently or can also be integrated with other languages without even re-developing it. PHP is capable of supporting all significant web servers as well.
  4. PHP is a fast programming language:- Among several programming languages, PHP is considered to be the fastest. It has been seen that application which runs on PHP have a faster loading time as compared to other programming languages.
  5. PHP coding can be done faster and edited easily:- While developers code using PHP language, they tend to write lesser code for performing tasks in comparison to other languages. An already written code is easier to write in PHP as well.