5 Facts about Search Engine Marketing Everyone Thinks are True

Very few people have actually bothered to study about search engine marketing in detail and learning about the true nature of its procedures, methods, effectiveness and results. Those who have failed to learn these intricacies have ended up creating false information or believing in hearsay. Not just that, but some have also taken to practicing the wrong methods of search engine marketing. Not to worry though because in this blog, we have taken it upon ourselves to see to these forged facts and to debunk myths where needed:


1. Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization are One and the Same:

Just because they both contain the word “Optimization” doesn’t makes them similar. In fact, they are far from it. SEO is a niche of Search Engine Marketing and focuses on a website’s ability to appear easily on the search engine. On the contrary, when we talk about website optimization, we are referring to the procedure of shaping a website in such a way that it provides the best user experience to the visitors.

2. Content is the Queen:

In case you are thinking that we got the famous catchphrase wrong; we didn’t. There is no denying the fact that content is the backbone of good and successful search engine optimization, website optimization and search engine marketing. However, it is not everything. Quality content alone will not bring visitors pouring in nor will it get you a high ranking. For all we know, good content might be lying lost somewhere amidst a  site with bad architecture or one with little to no on-page optimization.

3. Small Business Have Nothing to do with SEM:

This is yet another common misconception. Small businesses have as much right to search engine optimization as any other big corporation. A small business can always benefit from a little better visibility in a search engine. Also, like search engine marketing services in Miami, the cost and charges of maintaining it are quite affordable. So no matter how small or big the budget is, a business can always invest in a project like this.

4. Want to Boost your Ranking? Try AdWords:

Just because AdWords is introduced by Google doesn’t necessarily mean using it will help you win. In fact, AdWords is more about making money WITH the ranking rather than THROUGH the ranking. So, any traffic increase through it should not be mixed up with organic traffic.

5. Rankings are an Unfair Game:

Many believe that one can only rank higher in a search engine if they have money. They are wrong. The concept is quite simple actually. People write something in the search bar and get results. These results are genuine and their ranking is based solely on their keywords, content and link building.

So, now that you know what is true and what is not, you too can take part in the race and make your business thrive with SEM.

Search Engine Marketing: What Is It?

Search Engine Marketing is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEM); except that it encompasses SEO and other strategies to increase the visibility of websites on search engines. Search Engine Marketing is a marketing channel that operates on promoting business through paid advertisement on search engine result pages.

How does it Work?

Search Engine Marketing works by bidding for keywords that the users type to search for products, services, content, information, etc. This publishes the bidders’ advertisement on the search engine result pages next to other results redeemed by search queries.

There are two types of ads used in Search Engine Marketing:

•Text-Based Ad: these ads are simple textual advertisements in a few lines
•Visual Ads: these are ads with graphics that provide the important details like date, prices, etc. in one glance.
These ads are mostly pay-per-click ads which show a narrow perspective of Search Engine Marketing, which otherwise also incorporates search engine optimization and search retargeting.


While SEO has its own advantages, SEM comes with a distinct set of perks of its own too. Through Search Engine Marketing, you have additional opportunity to:

Direct more traffic on your website
Increase the number of people who will see your content
Depending upon the bidding, would rank you in the top results and first most pages
Position your advertisement as per your choice
Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing also includes Social Media Marketing (SMM), which is one of the most popular and effective tools of marketing in digital world. Social media marketing is the use of social media tools to build customers and influence their choices in favor of the advertised business or service. This, consequently, has led to the introduction and advancement of Social Media Marketing Management which focuses on Search Engine Optimization with return on investment. In some cases, SMM focuses only on organic SEO, while the focus is on SEM in others.

Comparison between SEO and SEM

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine marketing are not competitive terms. They both work as pillars together. While SEO focuses on content, keywords, how the site is displayed, and the way the design of the website appears to the users, etc.; SEM prominently positions advertisements in search engine result pages which brings traffic to SEO related concerns. Hence, both are not exclusively independent of each other.
Many businesses focus on both the aspects at the same time. For example, if users enter a search query: ‘red dress’, the results will show the top most web pages based on SEO criteria of result generation as well as the paid in-organic ads next to the results or at the top of the page. The businesses using paid advertisement, that is, SEM can focus on the content and display of their website so that the attracted traffic can be retained, making the use of SEM successful.

Search Engine marketing is widely being used and the scope of its functions is giving addition, and ample business to websites, making it one of the most sought after tools on internet. Use of Search Engine Marketing in Miami, New York, London, Sydney and many other cities of the world is very popular. Many professionals are providing services of services of Search Engine Marketing in Miami which has boosted businesses there.