Why Video Marketing is the Essential Marketing Tool of 2016?

Video marketing is the new trend that businesses around the world are starting to use to build, grow, and maintain their audience. It captures a lot of attention, is a fun way to keep the audience engaged, and comes at little to no cost. From creating simple videos with a smartphone camera to hiring a graphic designer to creating a full-fledged motion graphic video for your concept, it is all fun and easy. Due to this reason, the popularity of this marketing approach has reached its peak in 2016, with many in the business referring to 2016 as “The Year of Video Marketing”.

Video marketing has a higher conversion rate compared to traditional marketing channels and triggers a greater response from people. Researchers have also found out that using video increases the chances of top rankings by 53 times. It engages more people and outperforms other strategies of online marketing and content development.

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Videos help to give quick information, develop and maintain interest, and generate higher user interaction for websites and businesses. People have been found more likely to watch a video than read a blog post or article. They have also been noted to like, comment, and share videos more on social media than on any other form of content.
However, your video marketing strategy needs to be stellar; otherwise the entire campaign could crash and burn, yielding not enough results, or none at all. Have a look  how internet marketing agencies are using video marketing services to make it big

Decide the content

You should have a plan and a proper strategy for the content of your video beforehand. Keeping this in mind, determine how many videos you will need to make – will one video campaign be enough or will you need to take it in multiple series?

Time the videos

Identify the optimal duration for videos, with regards to engagement. People usually like videos that are short and quick to watch. Time your video content in a range that holds the interest of the audience best.

Schedule it

Scheduling it and selecting the appropriate time to let the video go live is also very essential. The video should be uploaded based on the peak traffic hours. This will maximize the number of people that are engaged through your video marketing strategy.

Keeping the video type in mind

Select the type of video that best suits your business, for example, a tutorial, pro-tips, awareness over an issue, etc. – all these strategies should be well thought of and undertaken after prior brainstorming and research.

Call to Action

Since you will be keeping the audience captivated through a visual media, calling to action should be obvious. Make sure your call to action is also just as appealing and interesting.

Video marketing services Miami, Portland, Pittsburgh, New York, etc are taking online marketing by storm. A lot of home based video bloggers are providing Video marketing services in Miami, and other cities, particularly to small businesses. This has served to be an additional advantage for people who do not have much professional experience in field but have a strong fan following, as well as small businesses.