Web Development: Is the Ship Sinking Or Redirecting?

Web development has been a massive leap in the development and sophistication of Information Technology and has maintained a strong hold on the IT horizon until very recently. It is only now that many people are skeptic about its current standing and future scope. A lot of the fresh minds are wondering if entering the web development sphere would be a sound decision. Most are faced with a ton of contradictory suggestions everywhere they turn.

The bottom-line is that web development tide has been experiencing a change lately. The webpage development side has been largely taken up by automated software like Squarespace. The need for web development with regards to webpage development is mostly limited to creating custom sites. This is where the web developers still have a chance to showcase their coding skills, especially if they have an expertise in front-end and back-end development.

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That being said, web development is also serving as the foundation for mobile products and a number of other trends.

According to Russell Keith-Magee, President of the Django Software Foundation, programming languages are becoming easier to read and master. They require professional knowledge, but eventually the whole process is becoming easier due to the evolution of technology. Unfortunately, the supply of such professionals is not so high at the moment and does not seem to be changing anytime soon. With the introduction of web development to create mobile products that work the same way on mobile devices as they do on desktops, the demand and space for jobs for such work has increased, giving a lot of opportunity to entrepreneurs and developers. But the people who would able to pull off this kind of work are still very limited.

Where website development earlier was mostly limited to reaching out to targeted customers and audience for businesses, the latest trends have increased its usability by manifolds. These trends include:

Motion UI
Foundation for Apps
New JavaScript features
Single page applications
The Internet of Things

Taking the trend of foundation for apps, web development can serve as the base technology to develop an application for a business to serve the same purpose from a mobile device. Hence, the margin of benefit increases.

What needs to be addressed now is the dearth of supply to catch up to the increasing demand for such projects and ideas. Many companies have been working on web development in Miami, FL, Boston, New York, etc. and their experience can be used to make a difference here. People working in the field of web development in Miami, FL and other cities can use this as an edge and polish their knowledge to meet the changing demands of the IT sphere.