How to Make Your Website More Secure

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The digital marketplace is growing at a fast rate. This is because businesses realize the importance of having an online presence and the benefits it brings. According to internet live stats, more than 200,000 websites are being developed and put up on the internet every minute.
Just like the real world, the increased business activity has also brought in a lot of criminals to the cyber world. Hackers and data thieves can attack a website causing damage to businesses in many ways. A business can not only lose its reputation and customer trust, data hackers can also steal valuable credit card information from customers, as well as company bank account details that result in financial losses.
Customer and visitor personal information is also at risk at the hands of hackers.

Website Security
In order to guard internet users, Google recently updated their Chrome browser which is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The updated browser can now issue a warning to its users if the website they are using is not secure.
This can cause a lot of frustration for businesses as their website can be flagged as insecure which may drive customers away.
Usually websites collect information from customers through a form that requires data inputs, such as name, address, date of birth, credit card details etc. A security feature called SSL is built into online data collection forms to ensure the data remains private.
Website lacking this security feature will now show up as “Not Secure” on Google Chrome.

Website Security expert
Almost 50% of internet users rely on Google chrome as their default browser. A recent survey showed that up to 82% browsers said they would leave a website which their browser indicated as ‘insecure’.

How to Secure Your Website
If you are located around Miami, one of the first things to do to make your website secure would be getting the SSL certificate. There are a number of options available based on your needs.
An SSL certificate could cost anything from $0 to $100 per month depending on the level of encryption you get. If the forms on your website collect a lot of sensitive client information such as customer address, social security number, credit card details, birth date or customer’s bank account information then you should look to get a traditional https certificate. It provides complete security, with a great deal of customization and easy to impalement across sub domains.
On the other hand, if you only collect a basic level of information from your customers, such as user’s account name, email address and contact number, a free SSL service could get the job done. A number of cloud-based encryption services are available online that can provide your website with an SSL certificate for free.

Additional Security
Apart from the SSL certificate, you can add further security protocols while developing your website that make it difficult to hack.
1.A content Management System (CMS) adds an extra level of security to your website making it difficult to hacking.
2.A good web hosting service that offers a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) can also improve your website’s defenses.
3.There are a number of Web application firewalls (WAF) that will further enhance your web’s safety.
4.A content delivery network (CDN) can detect sudden upsurge in the traffic to your website and block a potential attack. There is a technique called DDoS where a hacker floods your server to gain access to sensitive data and a CDN can guard against this kind of attack.
5.A password manager also makes it difficult to gain access to your website by unauthorized users.
Internet hacking tools and methods are always changing and require constant updates to security measures. If you are in Miami, perhaps the best way to add security to your website is by getting a hacking security expert on board who can keep your website up to date and protect your data against potential hackers.

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