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Most business owners in the industry today struggle to understand the functioning of search engine optimization. They are frustrated when given the answer that an SEO specialist can’t provide you with instant or quick results, not using legal tactics that is. So, why does SEO take so long? There are a lot of different things that must be factored in search engine optimization, and to see the best results you will have to wait a certain amount of time.
You can ask any Miami internet agency or Miami digital agency, and they will claim that they can’t guarantee results for at least 6 months. It seems to be a spinoff, but that is the truth, since search engine optimization isn’t easy, and does require time.
The SEO experts at Smash Interactive Agency have been asked this question many times and they are going to address it once and for all.

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Analyzing your competition takes more time
Competitor analysis must be comprehensive otherwise there is no point in doing it. However, a thorough analysis of your competition will take time because you must look at each and everything that they are doing, which is giving them the edge over you. Even the most experienced SEO analysts will ask for time to study the competition because only after they have a good understanding of their methods, will be able to form a strategy.

Everything was better “back then”
There used to be a time when SEO was extremely easy and all it took to rank a website was finding out a couple of keywords and then optimizing the website with it. There was no need to conduct extensive competitor analysis and other researches because everything was mechanical. The emphasis on quality was non-existent, and websites were ranking, even if they didn’t have good content.
However, times have changed, technology has progressed, and SEO has become harder and more complex than ever. That is a good thing in itself because only businesses that are serious about ranking on search engines will be rewarded, while the rest must go through the same process.

How long do you have to wait?
There are a lot of different Miami internet agencies out there, and you will hear different quotes and timelines from all of them. The general average will suggest a timeline that will range between four to eight months, but that isn’t accurate. You may have to wait, anywhere between six to twelve months to see substantial results from SEO.

A Miami digital agency will say just about anything to get the job, but you should know that the standard time needed to notice results is 12 months. There are different variables that must be considered in search engine optimization, which include:

•Your social activity
•Your reactions to new trends
•Your geographic location
•Your competition
•The relevance of your content to those keywords
•The perceived level of quality in the content
•The keywords and topics relevant to you
•The current website design
•The amount of time the average user stays on the site
•The age of your domain and website
•How quickly you implement recommended changes

Each of these variables will impact the length of time it takes before you start seeing results from your search engine optimization campaign.

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