We have reimagined what it means to be a full-service marketing agency.

We are Smash Interactive, and we believe in working hard, making a big impact, and getting our clients real results.

Our combination of bold innovation and refined expertise allows us to harness a creative advantage, ultimately producing the real, timely and measurable results you need.

Smash Interactive is a Miami online marketing agency that understands and appreciates the complexity and limitless opportunities of a well planned and executed digital strategy. When it comes to interactive advertising solutions, Search Engine Optimization, responsive design, and multi-channel marketing, we focus on giving your company the creative edge needed to break through the clutter and reach your target audience.

We are natural talent and fine-tuned skill curated to form a team capable of generating engaging content, accelerating growth and adapting to changing environments. We are creative masterminds and social media gurus, constantly working to adopt the latest technologies and always connected. We put in the amount of work we do to ensure what we produce will not only meet your needs but also measure up to and exceed our own ever rising standards.


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