Significance of Local Authenticity

Do you know what sets successful businesses apart? For starters, it’s their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and their credibility among the masses. It should be noted that the established businesses which we know of today may well have worked hard in their initial years in order to build a reputable image in the local market. Credibility is not easy to establish as it takes time and a lot of effort to do so. This is where local authenticity comes into play. It is all about building sound market reputation and differentiating your brand from that of your competitors in the local market.

Once you establish a brand image, you will be able to enjoy a good return on investment in the long haul. Let’s help you understand more about local authenticity and how it is related to SEO.


Is Local Authenticity Essential for a Business?

Local authenticity is all about establishing a positive brand image among the local audience. This is because consumers tend to believe more in your brand’s products and services when they have established a strong brand image among the masses. Let’s take the example of some well-established brands such as Apple, Google and Adidas. What comes to your mind when you hear their name?

Apple is known for providing the best and some of the most innovative consumer electronics, Google is known for being the top search engine, and Adidas is popular for designing sports shoes, clothing apparel and other related accessories. When brands have built a positive image among the local audience, consumers will likely have the confidence and assurance to trust the brand. That said, this is why establishing local authenticity is directly related with consumer buying behavior. The better the image of the brand in the local market, the better the business prospects.

Newly established businesses also focus on building their brand image and a solid reputation in the local market. However, this process takes time. One of the most popular and preferred ways of establishing local authenticity is to adopt a local search engine optimization strategy. If your business is based in Miami, you can contact a number of local Miami SEO services that will help you get on the right track

Local Authenticity and Local Search Engine Optimization: What’s the Relation?

Local SEO is just one of the many ways in which businesses can improve their market standing. It targets local markets to improve the visibility of the business and generate profitable customer action.
Many new business owners believe that SEO is just limited to keyword optimization. However, it is much more than that. In reality, Google results are generated based on several factors. Being a business owner new to the digital world, you may not know how to optimize your presence to reach the maximum number of your target audience. Therefore, if you have a business which is based in Miami, it is better to hire a local Miami SEO service provider to help you in this regard.

If you are new to the corporate world and are looking for a credible SEO agency to help you out with local Miami SEO matters, consider calling Smash Interactive Agency. They have years of experience in the industry and have a team of skilled SEO service providers. They help your business generate leads and build credibility in the local market in the long run. Give us a call today!

Miami Boat Show – The Most Highly Anticipated Mega Event of the Year

If anyone knows how to start a year with a bang, it is the Miamians. And this time, it is the Miami Boat Show that has got everyone excited and lined up to attend it. This mega event is all set to proceed in the month of February and will last for 5 days, that is from 16th-20th of February. The event will be so huge that the seaport city will be expecting guests from different parts of the country. If you are out of the loop and don’t know about this event, then allow us to enlighten you.



Here’s everything you need to know about this epic event:

Where Is It Happening?

The Miami Boat Show 2017 will be held in the humungous and well-known Miami Marine Stadium. The popularity of the venue has made it a easy enough place to reach, even for the participants who are not Miami natives.

Why Is It Happening?

As the name indicates, it is a boat show and by boat, we do not mean the run of the mill boats that you see every day. If the sound of next generation boats, products and technologies perk your curiosity, then prepare to be impressed by the exhibition that will await you there.

Are There Dine And Wine Options?

As of now, the administration has kept the details about the food offerings under wraps. But if the magnitude of the event is to serve as an Indication, we can expect some of the most famous and mouthwatering offerings of Miami in the event.

For the time being, feel free to rejoice in the fact that there will be plenty of food to enjoy once all the startling technology and remarkable inventions have made you quite hungry.

Are There Places To Stay?

As we said, this boat show is huge and thousands of people are expected to attend it from different parts of the country. The Boat show is the perfect reason as the administration have made sure to make rooms available at discounted prices to offer a comfortable staying experience for the guests.
However, the guests will have to book a flight fast to snatch a place for themselves.

What Will Happen There?

If you are one of the boating enthusiasts who occasionally like to take boats on a spin, then this exhibition will be heaven for you. Guests can improve their boating skills by taking full advantage of the licensed captains present there that will guide and instruct the new learners and will allow them to have a hands-on experience at the spot.
From maneuvering and docking to turning the boats at a 180 degree angle, you can hone your boating skills at the boat show.

The event is going to be huge. Not only will it provide a great opportunity to have fun, but will also provide several opportunities for new businesses to advertise themselves through digital media. Businesses should contact only the most reputable Miami Digital Agency for this. For maximum exposure, a Miami SEO agency would ensure that the businesses’ name comes on top of the search engine locally as well.

Why having a professional website for your business is important

A business not having a website is unthinkable. In this day and age, businesses without an online presence are unlikely to succeed.Talking about online presence, your website is what introduces you to the online world. Without a website, showcasing your business to your prospects is hard: this is the most basic reason for you to have a website for your business.
Regardless of whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, a professional website is imperative to grow your business. There are a number of reasons for you to have professional web designer Miami for you business.


Gain credibility

In order to search for the products or services they need, most people today use the internet. By having a website, you will make your business more credible. If your potential customers aren’t able to find you on the internet, they will go to your competitors.On the other hand, if you do have a website but it has an amateur-ish feel to it, you’ll find it difficult to inspire confidence. By having your website professionally designed, you’ll improve your business image and garner more positive attention. If you want to promote your products or services and build credibility in the Miami region, professional website development by people who know the area well is a must.

Make things convenient for customers

Marketing and selling your products or services in person is always a good idea. However, at times, customers are unable to visit you to find out about your products/ services and buy what you have to offer. By having a professional website, you will be able to inform existing customers and prospects about any new offerings conveniently over the internet. Also, by adding a shopping cart to your website, you will allow the people interested in availing your offerings to buy from you conveniently during normal business hours. Most people find it inconvenient to visit a store/ business center to buy the product/ service they want. A website with a shopping cart makes things convenient for them and helps you to grow your business.

Save money in the long term

Most small business owners assume that a professional website is out of their budget. This is something you mustn’t do. The cost of website development Miami varies, but once a website is up and running, it generally costs less than $100 a month, and in some cases, as little as $10 to run and update your site. Compared to conventional forms of marketing, a website is a cheaper way to showcase your business. Furthermore, you reach more people with it.

24/7 presence

A professional website makes your business accessible to customers and prospects 24/7 all year round. This ensures that your customers and prospects can review your products/ service at any time they want. Considering today’s busy lifestyle, this is great advantage for your business to have.

Designed by professionals in Miami, websites that have solid aesthetics and seamless functionality can garner a lot of traffic, and in turn sales, for your business.

What is effective Pay per click advertising?

Commonly known as PPC advertising, Pay per click advertising is not a promise rather it’s an actual result known as ‘a click’. When you use pay-per-click advertising, you pay every time a potential customer clicks your ad. It is important for you to know that you cannot make payments in excess of your bid amount for keywords. Many people want to know how they can make their pay-per-click advertising effective. While there is no surefire answer to this, there are some ways that improve your PPC advertising campaign. Before we look at the ways that improve your PPC advertising campaign and make it effective, it’s important for you to know how PPC advertising works.


An effective way to drive traffic to your website quickly, PPC advertising works via programs such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Through the aforementioned programs, marketers specify the amount their willing to incur for each click that leads visitors to their website. Additionally, they specify whether they want their ads to appear in blocks of content embedded within websites or search engines results, or both. Basically, pay-per-click advertising is an auction system that ensures the most exposure for advertisers that bid the most for a targeted keyword.

On paper, pay-per-click advertising seems easy to perform but the reality is quite different. Over the years, many people have created PPC campaigns but only a few have been able to win a sizeable click-through action. There are many reasons for the failure of a PPC campaign: the most common reasons include the lack of a compelling message and targeting the wrong keywords. So what is effective pay-per-click marketing? Following are some ways to improve your PPC advertising campaign and make search engine marketing Miami effective.

The usage of keywords

Preferably at the beginning, use keywords in your ad text and title. There are a number of reasons to include relevant keywords in your ad. First of all, keywords make your ad appear relevant. Secondly, the words used in the search will appear in bold if they’re present in your ad copy. This will help your ad to stand out.

Write a compelling heading

Your ad heading needs to be good since it’s the first thing people notice. Descriptive phrases highlighting your product or service, headings can also convey features and benefits. An example of headings would be ‘Paid search Miami’. A heading that convey benefits would read ‘Award winning Search engine marketing Miami’. Also, put your company’s name in the heading if you want to build your brand or promote your company.

Target PPC ad campaigns efficiently

When it comes to targeting their PPC ad campaigns, many advertisers aren’t precise enough. By using the features in PPC accounts that enable you to specify your ad audience, you can increase efficiency.

Pay-per-clicking advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your website and grow your business. By keeping the aforementioned in mind, you will be able to make your search engine marketing Miami campaign effective.

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What is SEO?

An acronym for search engine optimization, SEO can make you business prominent in online search results. Generally, websites that appear at the top in the search results drive more traffic and win more business than other sites offering similar products/services. If SEO is a relatively new term for you then here’s a bit of knowledge to get you educated on the topic. Focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results, SEO is a marketing discipline that encompasses both the creative and technical elements necessary for driving traffic, improving rankings and increasing awareness in search engines.


There are many different aspects of SEO. An important SEO aspect is the creative/content aspect which encompasses your articles, infographics, images, and videos. How relevant or helpful your content is determines the chances of it being found on the web. SEO makes you visible to a local or global online audience looking in search engines for the products/ services you offer. To achieve this, Miami SEO targets strategic key phrases that appeal to your target market.

SEO Agency Miami can help you to reach your target audience whether you want to promote a product, a service, a message, or a mission. In order to determine your rankings, search engines such as Bing and Google use tools known as ‘spiders’. Software that crawls the web in an automated, methodical manner is known as a spider. Along with things such as the use of keywords and phrases, spiders browse your site as well as everyone else’s to find out the actual copy written on the page.

When someone enters a phrase or keyword into search engines such as Bing or Google, this browsed data is used to determine the relevance of your website. This is the reason you need to ensure that your web pages reflect the terms that your target audience might use to find your business. For this, you need to monitor the search habits of your target audience. Monitoring the search habits of your target is what SEO Agency Miami can help you to do. There are a number of benefits of hiring an SEO Agency for your Miami business. Following are some of these benefits:

Increased traffic

A majority of the clicks and impressions are won by top positions on the SERPs. This clearly indicates that being ranked high in search engine result pages can help you to significantly increase your website’s traffic. SEO can help you to achieve top positions in SERPs. To help you achieve top positions in SERPs, SEO Agency Miami create keyword relevant and informative Meta descriptions and title tags. Click through rate is what optimized descriptions and tags help to increase. A better click through rate means more qualified web traffic.

Increase conversion rates

Easy to use, fast, and compatible with tablet and mobile devices are the three qualities of an SEO optimized website. Ultimately, these three qualities help you in increasing your conversion rates i.e. converting more website visitors into subscribers or customers.

SEO is a great way to increase visibility and grow your business. To benefit from SEO, get in touch with an SEO agency in Miami as soon as possible.


The importance of digital marketing for small business

Contrary to the popular belief, digital marketing is much more than a cheaper, easier alternative to high budget outbound marketing campaigns. For small businesses, digital marketing is a viable way to market their business. A very limited budget is what most small businesses have. As a result of this, they’re unable to spend excessive amounts on traditional forms of advertising. Fortunately, digital marketing levels the playing field for small businesses by allowing them to effectively market their business while staying within their budget.

Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing is something most small business owners are well aware of. Without engaging your prospects and customers in a meaningful way, you can’t promote or sell your products or services. A great way to engage with your prospects and customers is using digital marketing channels such as social media and your website. Launching a digital marketing campaign is probably the best way for any small business to grow its business and customer base. Apart from being more expensive, traditional forms of marketing reach less people than digital marketing channels.

For any small business, digital marketing Miami is the most cost-effective way to promote their product/ service and business. Following are some reasons digital marketing is important for small businesses.


Until you find your exact target audience, digital marketing can spread across the web. This is a much better way to market your product/service and business than mailing pamphlets to potential customers. If you don’t find your audience in the first go, you can seek out new channels and avenues to locate the place where your target audience spends the most time. Depending on the industry you belong to, this place could be a specific social media site such as Twitter or Facebook, your website or a particular mobile application.


Digital marketing Miami doesn’t have any upfront costs. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, no fixed production costs are involved in digital marketing. The only costs you need to incur in digital marketing are the creative and labor costs involved in a digital marketing campaign. Even the highly effective pay-per-click advertising campaigns that run on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google don’t require any ongoing commitments or upfront costs. Although a professional digital marketing Miami company charges a premium amount for its services, it can provide you with higher quality results than a semi-pro or amateur digital marketer. The digital marketing Miami Company will constantly tweak and improve your digital marketing campaign and the best thing about using such a service is that you can easily terminate their service if you aren’t satisfied with their performance.

Until they are perfect for your target audience, digital marketing can be constantly tweaked. Also, you can monitor your digital marketing campaigns to find out more about your target audience. This is simply not possible with traditional forms of advertising or marketing. The importance of digital marketing for small businesses is no secret. By using a small business marketing Miami service, you can win more customers and grow your business.

Your Brand Can Create a Remarkable Customer Experience for Mobile Users. Here is How!

We have all heard about the local search engine optimization services in Miami and how mobile services are taking the world by the storm. They are reshaping the marketing strategies, transforming brands and customer experiences and by creating unique web experiences. There are more than 1,900 million mobile users in the world and as a marketer, you should know how to maximize the effect of the content on the mobile users if you want be successful.

The local search engine optimization services Miami has can change the way your content is accessed, viewed and analyzed. Different SEO strategies and approaches can produce different results. It’s not just about showing up higher on our ERP’s; it’s also about how fast, accessible and accurate your brand information is online.


As any prospective customer, you must value and appreciate a good customer experience because when our cell phones deliver the results that we need at that time, those brands earn our trust, attention and dollars. However, generalizing the idea of local search engine optimization services Miami offers and thinking marketing and branding are cohesive are not the most responsive ways of looking at things.

What we are looking for, regarding local search engine optimization services Miami, is the easy-to-access interface. While marketers do realize the value of a mobile user’s experience, they have yet to unlock the unlimited potential of growth of a mobile-friendly and explosive design. Providing enviable customer experience will reward you with conversions, brand applause and higher traffic.

If you want to learn how to customize your brand’s mobile experience and want to make it enviable enough to be unrealistic, follow these steps (Not in any particular order though).

Image Optimization

It is the quintessential element of online marketing. Although it is very easy to accomplish, it is generally overlooked. Making images mobile-friendly makes your brand search friendly. It’s that easy!

A Review-Based Business

Many potential and prospective customers rely on past customer experiences and reviews to decide whether they should give you a shot or not. Customers use this tactic especially when they are spending money and many brands make it their priority to get positive reviews. However, not all of them are created equal. Instead of focusing on your products and services, try to get customers involved in giving feedback for your bread-and-butter individual services. This can instantly improve your overall rating.

Minify your Content

Although your wide-ranged website and your brand’s online desktop presence may be wonderful, it doesn’t mean it has the same effect on mobile users. Using responsive designs and a clutter-free approach works best in every scenario. Remember; web searchers are typically very short on patience and time and if your site doesn’t offer them what they are looking for in a short amount of time, they are going to move on. So, it is important to make an impression, fast.

Web Development — Perfecting the Two Factors that Really Count

It would be unfair to say that some aspects of web development take precedence over the others but at the same time, there are certain factors that set the stage for the audiences. They hook the visitors and reel them in and from then on, it’s the effort on your web designing that does the rest of the work.  Web Development in Miami, FL has been leading ahead in this regard and we too can learn a thing or two from their practices.
After careful observation of techniques used during web Development in Miami FL, we came up with two dynamics that have been implied by the developers and have been ostentatiously noted by the visitors. Let’s see what they are:
Web Design Miami

1.     How Mobile Friendly is Your Website?

The use of mobile phones has hit the roof. Research shows that 62.9% of people are actively using them as of 2016. A majority of the people have stopped using laptops and computers entirely as their sole source of living in the digital world is a smart phone or a tablet and they have been spending a lot of time there. So, you, as a business person or as a web developer, should be looking for the best channels of reaching out to your customers and mobile phones are just that; your platform to perform. So, how would it sound if you had to give your performance but your audiences don’t even know how to reach the venue?
It’s obvious that every single website is accessible from mobile phones today. We are not here to preach that but we are here to inform you about how much the user-friendliness, responsive designs and efficiency of a mobile-site matter and here’s what it can help achieve:

  • More traffic
  • High ranking
  • Better search of local keywords
  • Results in more sales and better business

2.     An Attractive Home Page:

It might seem secondary to you but trust us when we say that your theme, your logo, your news and your images could help you with your business image, especially when all these things are rightfully placed on your home page. The first impression is a lasting one and your home page will decide how lasting the impression can be. As soon as people land on the home page, they get to learn about the business. With a good home page, a business can get the exposure their brand needs. They can get more subscribers, more leads, future prospects and ultimately, a higher number of sales.
You can create an ideal homepage by paying attention to the following:

  • The theme
  • Content of the homepage, based on the business persona and target audience
  • Easy navigational options
  • Strong and effective call to action techniques
  • Mentioning a reputed and strong background

Having a highly responsive mobile website and an ideal homepage could set a strong foundation for the rest of the digital marketing of the business. Once you start on the right note, the rest of the path comes easy. So, make sure that when you are designing a website, you remember these two factors.

Where to Visit in Miami? | A Business Traveler’s Guide

Miami is way too hot! It’s not hot just because of its weather; it is an amazing place because of its nightlife, spicy salsa culture and Latin influence as well. If you have been presented with the chance to visit Miami for business, then you are a lucky one. Visiting Miami on a professional trip does not mean that you have to work all day long and are not allowed to enjoy yourself. While you may be really conscious about spending money on your business trip, here is the list of things to do without spending a dime.

Miami Travel
Closeup of a map of Miami Florida with red pin

Yes, it is all for free! Let’s have a look.

1.     Miami Beach

The weather of Miami is the ultimate attraction. When you are done with the business work, you can visit Miami Beach. If you are going to visit Miami during the month of December, then this is the best month to travel. While others are darting indoors in the chilly weather, you should go and enjoy the weather and make the most of your time on the beach. If you are with your colleagues, hang around together, grab a chair, buy a drink, and sit on the shore.

2.     Museum

If you want to have a look at the Miami’s thriving arts scene and see how creative Miamians are, you can visit Miami museums. This place has a host of museums filled with art and culture. Also, you can visit these museums for free whenever you want. Located in 1001 Washington Ave, Wolfsonian FIU Museum comes on top of the list of free museums. You can visit this museum every Friday at 6:00 p.m. There are some other museums too but entry to this one is free. You must visit it to see the rich and diverse range of art.

3.     Yoga

If you are tired of working all day, you can take out some time to stretch yourself. There are several places for doing yoga in Miami. Since you are on a budget friendly business trip, you can visit Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. You can enjoy free yoga for 3 days; Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Additionally, there is another venue for yoga; Coconut Grove at Kennedy Park. You can visit there for free yoga on Saturday mornings. However, do not forget to bring your own mat and water bottle when you are coming for yoga here!

4.     Free Night Life

Visiting Miami and enjoying the nightlife will never make you forget the fun you had and will make you jump at the chance of visiting Miami again. If you are a night owl, then it is time to party at night. You can visit the Miami beaches and enjoy free entrance to clubs nearby. Also, clubs near the beach are a perfect spot for some late night drinking and mingling. Dance to your favorite songs, sing songs of your choice on the stage, make new friends and enjoy meals of your choice and the night life for free!
Now that you know the places to visit for free, we hope you make the most of your trip!

Learn to Harness the Power of Video Marketing

It’s all fair in love and digital marketing. Draw any weapon you want; your words, your wits, your artistic nature, your technical handiness or your competence with moving pictures — also referred to as video marketing. As long as you are not using any of the black hat methods, the throne is yours to take. With the rapid success of video marketing in Miami and the competency with which the professionals there are using it, we have come to learn that video marketing can actually play a very significant role in gaining customers. It’s a power and all we need to do is harness it. Here’s how we can do it:


1. Make the Most Out of One Video:

Time is limited and there are lots of things to convey and even more to show. It is up to you and how you prioritize it; how you combine words and pictures to say what you want to say. However, that is not all; you also have to make sure that your video gives the viewers the best seconds of their life so that from the moment they click the play button, they get reeled in and are unable to move on. The best way to do it is to build curiosity. Curiosity is one of the strongest traits in human beings and when their curiosity is piqued, it is possible for you to deliver even the most average content and make it look superb.

2. Make it Relatable:

Show a story in your video. Your target audience is less likely to be interested in the product right from the start. However, if a teenager finds a video portraying a teenager’s story or a mother finds a video of a woman going through the common struggle of mothers, they’ll instantly empathize or relate and linger to watch it till the end. Pick up any viral video and you will notice that most of them start with a story.

3. Don’t Forget to Call:

At the end, when all is said and done, make sure to have some function which can allow the target audience to interact. Putting it right at the end of the video will generate effective results as people who were impressed by the video wouldn’t take long to go for the product of the marketer. So, make sure to add a link, a button or a contact number that will directly transfer the viewers to the place they want to go. Don’t let your video fade to black just like a normal video does.

4. Make the Video Reachable:

Posting a video on a page won’t do you any good as the audiences will have to know the page already to watch your video. In order to reach out to a wider audience, post your video in more than one location. Take the help of social media as it is very effective in spreading viral content like a wildfire.

If you show creativity and uniqueness in your video, post it in all the right places and add a call to action button in the end, then rest assured that your sales are going to be steep the other day.