3 Reasons Your Website Might Need an Upgrade

Do you wonder what impression your website would give to a potential buyer who had never heard of your business before? Since you already have a business website, you know its importance and influence in attracting an audience and converting them into buyers. But are there any aspects where your site might be lagging? This blog covers a few reasons why your business website could benefit from an upgrade.

Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your Website:

1) Increasing Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness:

Does your website cater to today’s brisk and mobile-friendly world? By changing your website’s format, you can enable people to access it through multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition to that, mobile-friendly and responsive websites are ranked higher on search engines compared to their mobile-unfriendly and slow counterparts.
If you want to see how your website caters to mobile users, you can take up this Mobile-Friendly test created by Google. Through this test, you can see how your website looks on a mobile screen and obtain recommendations to make it more mobile-friendly.

2)  Improving Visual Appeal:

A website serves as the online face, which means it needs to be valuable and professional. An outdated or poorly designed website will compel users to make the same assumptions about your business and its offerings. The website’s layout should be consistent and harmonious and make your product stand out but not stick out.
Are your blogs, events, and other content pieces up-to-date? Does each piece mention the date on which it was published? It might make sense to either remove or update any obsolete material on your website. As sites grow and mature, some elements start becoming incompatible and need to be addressed one way or the other to maintain the harmony and consistency that we just mentioned.

3)    Elevating User Experience:

The ease with which users can navigate a site and find the required information are just two factors that influence user experience. This means that, in addition to looks, there are a lot of other factors that determine user experience – some of which are:

1- The ease of website usage
2- The website speed
3- The ease with which users can find information that they are looking for
4- The amount of friction when users try to complete their desired action

If you feel that your website does not tick any of the above defining user experiences, it might be time to upgrade.

Final Word:

To sum up, the online business world changes in the blink of an eye, and this means that regular website updates are a must if you want to stay in – and ahead of – the game. If you feel that your website could benefit from an upgrade, our Miami digital agency might be able to help. To learn more or obtain a quote, please feel free to reach out to us.

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