Are our mobile-friendly sites still relevant in 2022?

Yes, mobile-friendly sites are pretty much relevant today also. 

This is so because internet accesses through mobile phones have dramatically increased, and the way people are using mobile technologies is hilarious. So it has become a necessity for a business owner to have one.

But do you know why mobile-friendly sites are in demand? 

Below are some of the reasons to convince you why your business needs a mobile-friendly site. 

1. Go with the trend 

While working in a competitive market, you must keep an eye on others what they are doing. 

Your challengers might have already invested in a mobile-responsive site, and you’re lagging, which honestly you can’t afford. 

Also, recent Miramar studies reveal that 74% return to the site in the future when a person visits a mobile-friendly site. Plus, 67% of the users tend to buy the product or services they see. 

2. Easier access 

Even though people use PCs and laptops for work, mobile phones come in handy to access information quickly. 

So, if you invest in the one, then your clients will have easy access to you, reflecting your company’s goodwill, and if not, then there are possible chances that you might lose a client of yours. 

3. Faster loading speed 

While selecting the web designs, speed is one of the critical factors that a Miramar designer keeps in mind, and if he knows his work, he will not be compromising on the site speed. 

Generally, mobile-friendly are much faster and don’t take less than 5 seconds to load. If the site downloading speed is between 6-10 seconds, the user might leave that. 

So, if your website isn’t responsive, something is wrong here. 

4. Cost-effective 

If you built a mobile-friendly site, you don’t need to invest in other devices like tablets, pads & more because people are always on their phones, and whenever they instantly have to search for things, mobile is the first thing they think for. 

So, there is no absolute need to maintain the different website versions. Thus you save a lot of money, and that capital can be invested somewhere else.

5. Improves ranking 

Google loves mobile-friendly sites because they are faster to load, attractive, and easier to navigate. Hence, while searching for the content, you asked for the search engine outlooks on non-mobile-friendly sites.

In addition, SEO experts Miramar say that content becomes more effective on a mobile-friendly site. Therefore, both of these factors combined help in improving the site ranking. 

6. Enhances the mobile conversion rate

The mobile page load speed is called Render Start Time (RST) which means the time consumed for the first content to appear on the mobile screen. However, most mobile sites have incredible downloading speeds: hence better RST & improved mobile conversion rates. 


Mobile-friendly sites are on-trend nowadays and will always remain to be. Due to its above-explained benefits, it helps build trust with the clients, show them your brand is trustworthy in the industry, and encourage people to buy products or services. 

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