Engaging Website Design Ideas

Website popularity and ranking are affected by user engagement. All sites today are involved in a race to increase engagement on their platforms. A steady stream of traffic is a good sign, but it won’t make much difference if the prospects aren’t converted into potential sales.

The most crucial step in the sales cycle is engaging your prospects. User engagement is a key component of the customer acquisition process. Businesses all want to nurture sales. A unique, interactive Web Design in Ft Lauderdale can make a difference in your business’ success.

You can increase engagement by doing a few simple things:

1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial as they familiarize visitors with the products and services. They also convince the visitor to take desired actions. Landing pages help drive traffic to the site. They also provide information that is relevant to the target audience. Your landing pages should be strategically placed on the homepage to increase conversions.

2. Accessibility

Every business wants to increase website engagement but fails to make its site accessible to everyone. Accessible websites can dramatically increase your reach. You can block access to nearly 50 million visitors if you can’t control your website’s reach.

When designing, you must consider how people with disabilities can access, navigate, and understand your website. You can also make your website accessible to anyone who is not technologically savvy, has a temporary disability, or is aging.

3. Encourage sign-ups

Engagement is only meaningful if it leads you to the next step. A compelling call to action (CTA) will engage customers and help them continue their customer journey. Your site should have multiple conversion options. However, each page should only have one CTA.

Pop-ups allow you to capture email addresses as users arrive for the first time or finish reading your content. However, you need to use them sparingly, as too many could drive users away. You can embed links to gated content. This will then request contact information.

4. Use the Live Chat Option

Integrating a live chat option has the most significant advantage: it makes it easy for people to find what they want. It provides immediate customer assistance, helps you increase conversions and sales, and builds long-term relationships and trust with prospects.

5. Video content

Engaging user experiences are often achieved by websites that use video marketing. Video is now accessible because of the fast internet speeds, even mobile. Video-based websites were unsuccessful in the early day’s Internet.

Video is accessible and alive today. Video will continue to develop and be used in new places and ways. Currently, the main challenge is creating videos with high production value. Although outsourcing video is expensive, it’s still a good option.

You don’t have to use video capabilities on your phone for your website. Video doesn’t improve user engagement, but engaging videos do. Videos that are slow and rambling or shot in your bedroom are inappropriate for a business website.


To increase engagement, it is essential to create an internal linking strategy. You should also consider including relevant content and live chat options to increase engagement.
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