Facebook marketing trends that will shape your business

In this continuously upgrading market, we all know the importance of online media to win the market. It is only possible by adapting the latest trends and technology of the business. When it comes to Facebook it also changes its trends day by day and we have to adapt it if we want to be part of this business. Also, it will allow you to shape your business. This is the post in which the Doral SEO team is going to discuss the Facebook marketing trends.

Let’s read it out:

Facebook Video Ads Are On Surge

Facebook videos were advertised as one of the best ways to show commercial material. In the meanwhile, many modifications have been seen in Facebook videos. You must have seen an increase in video advertising that is appropriate for any company if you use Facebook. We can predict that video will continue to be an essential component of Facebook marketing based on the increased demand for videos on Facebook.

Numerous statistics and studies support this assertion. According to studies, Facebook users view over 100 million hours of videos each day on average. Because of this reality, more advertisers are using Facebook as their primary marketing channel.

Reels Are Here To Stay

Reels were popular on Instagram immediately away. However, it wasn’t originally obvious if that success would carry over when they went live on Facebook.

Now that enough time has gone, we may declare that the decision has been made. In the past year, Facebook reel plays have doubled, and in the six months running up to February 1, 2023, reel reshares have doubled. That is consistent with Instagram’s growth rates.

Reels are a significant emphasis for the platform, and Facebook has made that apparent in earnings calls and other announcements. They are currently losing money on short-form Reels plays that divert attention from the feed, despite this.

Live Streaming Is Increasing Drastically

The number of users participating in live Facebook broadcasting has increased significantly during the previous several years. Also, it is affecting the marketing differently. To enhance the user experience, social networking sites other than Facebook now provide live video streaming.


Mainly these 3 trends are grabbing the attention of the whole market. Yeah! The list does not end here but these are some of them to make your marketing strategy worthwhile. For this kind of activity, you need to hire a professional team like us for better results. We also offer services related to Web Development in Doral, if you are interested in it you can connect with us to get the best services.

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