Google Ads trends you should know

Change is the only constant, and we can’t deny it. The online market is on its way and changing drastically, which has become a challenge for market workers. If we talk about Google Ads, it is still the leading PPC platform for consumers and advertisers alike, also even the most known competitors like Facebook will struggle to come close. If you belong to this market, you should know the market trends. That is why we have mentioned some Google Ads trends.

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AI and machine learning

As per the research, 15% of the Google searches made each day are for the first time, with an increase in visual search technologies like Google Lens teaching marketers across all channels a key lesson: people are having difficulty quickly locating what they seek.
The re-emergence of broad match ties into that fight, as marketers strives to make their ads servable for people with sometimes-unusual questions that require a meaningful answer. Combining that with Google automation—leveraging all of Google’s signals about people’s devices, time of day, intent, and many other things—we’re now much more successful in employing a broad keyword strategy than we could have been in the past. The new broad match has evolved and is now the only match type that takes into account audience signals. When paired with smart bidding, we try to make smarter decisions that are related to the past year’s broad match.

Simpler Match Types

Simplifying the match types for your search network advertising is a popular Google Ads development.
This implies that when you bid on a term, you may choose a keyword match type to help the search engine determine how strongly you want it to match user searches to your advertisement.

These are the three main match types you should consider:

• phrase match,
• broad match,
• and an exact match.

Product Feeds for Video Action Campaigns

If you use video as your e-commerce business advertisement method, you have to learn that Google has recently added product feeds to video action campaigns.
Assume a user sees a video ad promoting one of your items. After a few seconds, YouTube will display a panel that shows your products (please keep in mind that this only occurs when the user’s phone is in portrait orientation). When a user clicks on a product, they will be directed to the product’s landing page for more information.

More Focus on Growing First-Party Data

First-party data is the gold bullion of marketing and may be more than it.

You should be collaborating with your lifecycle marketing team if you aren’t already. Maybe you know it or not, but email and mobile marketing campaigns are based on privacy-compliant zero-party (0P) and first-party (1P) data from subscribers who have opted in to receive targeted communication tailored to their interests and purchasing activity. This information could include their purchase or browsing history, their interest, whether or not they leave their basket, and more.

The same data that supports lifecycle marketing initiatives can also be used in other channels.


These are some Google Ads trends you should follow if you belong to the market. You can choose our Google Ads Expert in Miami for better strategy and results. We are a renowned PPC agency in Miami, and you can trust us for better services.

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