Is paid digital advertising worth it?

And the answer is a total yes!

Suppose you’re working on your e-commerce site for very long and still not getting the desired results. Do you recall what you have been doing?

The first thoughts are content marketing and SEO. Now, what will you do? 

Will you consider switching to paid advertising along with content marketing and SEO?

Probably, your first thoughts will be no, because there are more rumors than the facts, and people are still unaware of the online advertisement benefits. 

For a blog/ website/ content to shine digitally, you need paid advertisements combined with organic traffic and content marketing, as both of them will help grow your business. 

Some key features are given below:

1. Affordable 

Paid online ads are slightly more pricey than earned or owned ads but cheaper than traditional advertisements. You can run a Facebook ad for less than $5. 

Also, the cost of the advertisement depends upon the pricing factor. For example, if you’re paying for Google Display Network, it will cost around equal to or less than $1 per click. 

It will be better to consult a digital marketing agency in Miami as most agencies charge you pay-per-click so that you will be paying only for successful ads. 

2. Better reach 

The paid ads boost your digital distribution and guarantee that you reach the target audience at a broader range. 

For example, you can run ads on multiple platforms simultaneously and measure the results. 

In paid media, the customer only sees what it wants. So, it is an effective way to reach passive buyers as passive visitors have more potential to become customers. 

In addition, the paid ads also allow you to access the visitor’s information. For example, who are these people, where they belong to & more? This way, you will have a clear idea about your customer base. 

3. Fast & reliable 

Compared with other digital marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid advertisements to give instant results but are short-term. However, the SEO brings results after several months but is long-lasting. 

Paid ads show faster results because they generate effective leads ready to purchase as soon as you post, while others can take time. 

In addition, its paid online ads allow you to measure Pay-per-click, bounce rates, conversions, site traffic & more. This way, you can decide when you want to run the ads and put them down. 

4. ROI 

The primary benefit of online paid ads is that you can physically calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) and come out with a figure. 

A good ROI in digital marketing is between 25% to 50%, and if it is above 50%, it’s best. 

Who can all use online paid advertising?

Paid advertising is an effective digital marketing tool that wants to enjoy the desired results faster. 

Since now you’re aware of the online paid advertising benefits. Do you have the idea of scenarios where PPC can be used? 

Given-below are some of the highlights:

1. Beginner

Being a newcomer, you lack resources, capital, and good networks to launch the brand. In that case, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a great way to introduce the emerging brand to the people. The online paid ads will increase your brand’s visibility in a shorter span & hence eventually enhance the brands’ awareness among people. 

2. Retargeting the customers 

Retargeting the buyers means that you’re targeting the already customers who have previously taken an interest in your products/ services. 

Retargeting happens based on the search history. The ads shown are directly proportional to the search or what they need. 

3. Back-up plan

Imagine, for the longest time, and you’re investing your time in other things to crawl up in the search engine and still not getting the desired results. 

In that case, you can switch to paid ads for instant results, where you will gain the brand’s visibility and recognition for a shorter period. Meanwhile, you focus on the other things that help build your brand bigger—SEO, social media & content. Hence, paid ads prove a tremendous backup plan so that you don’t lose your brand’s value. 

Combining paid advertisements with other long-term benefitted digital marketing tools would be best if you wish your brand shines both in the present and future. 

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