Reasons why nobody is reading your blog

Gone are the days when you could post 15 blogs in 1 hour, and all of that content would rank in Google. 

But now, if you are disheartened from the cold reactions on your blogs, you’re not alone because many website owners say that their blogs are not doing well nowadays. One probable reason could be a hella change in Google’s algorithm, and it’s for the better. 

Here, you will meet two different kinds of people who will complain about the handful of views on their blog.

The first is the newbie, and the second will be the old blogger. 

In the first case, keep your expectations low because not every post goes viral.

Or, if you belong to the second category, this article is for you, and you must stay tuned till the end.

1. Content is not good 

You must focus on the content you’re providing your readers because readers nowadays turn back to mediocre content, which is found everywhere.  

So, to avoid that, it is mandatory that before publishing, you must do complete research & add in the relevant content. To your knowledge, 63% of the digital marketing agency in Miami use content marketing to build the brand.  

Also, the content means the ‘relevant content, for example, if you are writing “different ways to style denim.”

Then you can add what “x” celebrity wore on the red carpet as this is useless. Therefore you must:

• Identify the blog’s requirements.
• Understand your audience.
• Think of an attractive and catchy title.
• The content must follow a particular pattern to get an entire idea.
• Try to include images or videos if possible.

2. SEO is not included 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential pillars of digital marketing. Many of the shortcuts like social media, etc., will provide short-term benefits, but if you wish to increase traffic on your site to always remain at the top of the search engine, you must become best friends with SEO.  

SEO is not an overnight thing. To improve the website’s traffic, you must do the following:

• Start including keywords
• Use website links, and if possible, include social media links.
• Use premium/ open source tools and plugins to monitor your SEO growth.
• Fill the content gaps with optimized images.
• Make the content short and crisp, and try avoiding using filler words.

3. Schedule your blogs 

Often, you must have noticed that the subscribed page will publish 2-3 blogs in one week, and next week, they disappear. This is very common with small businesses switching between the two jobs. 

To avoid that, you must schedule your blogs. For example, prepare a fixed number of articles in a week and save them later for upcoming weeks. 

If possible, prepare your content in advance so that you don’t feel pressure to create the new content every week, plus the quality will not be affected. 

4. Self-promotions are mandatory 

No one indeed will promote your blogs other than you, especially if you’re new to the industry. So, spend the first few weeks writing the content & once the content is enough, spend the rest of a few weeks promoting them. If you don’t share the content appropriately, it will not make a good impact. SO, to share your blogs, you can do the following:

• Share on your social media handles & ask for reviews.
• Personally share with the industry’s influencers or big names you belong to.

5. Excessive self-glorification is harmful 

The 4th and 5th points contradict that’s why put in convoy, so you better understand the concept. 

Yes, self-promotions are mandatory, but to an extent. The subscribers are not here to know about your new launch every day. Honestly, everyone is busy satisfying their own needs. 

Additionally, too many ads give the wrong message to the customer that your focus is not providing valuable content to the customer but to drive sales. There are no limitations in displaying the ads, but Google recommends that practice. 

Before you start blogging, one thing must be crystal clear that many of your readers will not be customers, but that’s okay. It would help if you focused on making the blogs valuable; the sales will automatically rise. 

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