SEO tactics for your E-commerce website

As an SEO agency, we have to work hard to meet the market demand and always keep updated with the new market trends. Also if you are a website owner you can’t forget your website SEO for your business’s better performance. If you want the best ranking on the SERPs you need to use advanced SEO tactics. When it comes to an ecommerce website it needs proper planning and attention to attract customers. If you belong to the SEO industry you need to know the latest tactics, here we have some of them.

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Keep your Mobile Site priority for Mobile-First Indexing

Maybe you’ve been following Google’s shift to mobile-first indexing. Maybe you’ve also dodged the numerous myths about what mobile-first indexing is and how it affects ranking.
To be clear, if we’re talking about mobile-first indexing, you don’t need a great mobile site to be king or rank on the SERP.
And don’t give up on SEO for your desktop site just because mobile-first crawling has come.

Use Keywords in Headers

If you use the keywords in the header, it will work as a sign for the search engines and users as well. It is just like the table of contents that gives the context to users, when you use the keywords in headers, you do the same thing for the search engines spider.
Also, the user experience and Google recommendations are mandatory before you make any kind of decision to place the keyword or other variations. Keep in mind that always try to avoid keyword stuffing.

Tips to use keywords in headers:

• Choose the targeted keyword of the post to use in the header.
• Use the keyword research tool to find the other variations of the keyword.
• Optimize the H1, H2, and H3 headers (use at least 40 percent of headers).

Conduct an SEO Audit of Your Website

SEO audit is very crucial for any website and it needs advanced SEO techniques. It will offer you the best or most useful information about your site performance. Begin by rapidly taking inventory of all the components of your SEO game. You can use any SEO tool to get the SEO checklist. Determine what parts are in place and what measures are still needed to get your site on the proper track. For example, is your off-page SEO optimized? How about On-page optimization? Now it is the time to do auditing. An SEO audit will offer you to see how well you’re optimizing your website. With lots of other things, an SEO audit will offer you to know the issues related to how Google may or may not be indexing your site.


These are some tactics you should follow for better site performance and it will allow you a better sale. So if you are looking for a team you can connect with our Miami SEO Experts for the best guide and result for your website.

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