Signs that your website is boring || Need new updates

A retail shop is the physical impression of you & your work; in the same way, a website is the digital representation of you & your business. 

Do you willing to purchase from a dull-looking shop or a neat & bright shop? & the same goes for online business websites as well.  

The websites are the base of online marketing, so it is essential to keep your site updated to reflect your work life. 

Not sure when? Stay tuned till the end to know.  

1. Loading time 

As the website gets older, the web pages take more time to load due to the long list of old archived data and unoptimized large-size images. All these factors combine to decrease the site’s loading time & by the time the site loads, the customer loses its interest & leaves the site. That’s why it is advised that you must regularly optimize your data & delete unnecessary content. Make sure, the Web Designer Ft. Lauderdale does not use any heavy plugins that will make the website slow.

2. Text: image ratio

What if you’re given a thick book with no pictures? Will that book look interesting to you, or will you be excited to read that book? The same theory applies to websites as well. An effective website should have acceptable text to image ratio to engage the visitors & the following ways can achieve this:

•Text (content) should be direct & crisp.
•Pictures must be relevant to the content as a single picture can replace 2-3 content lines.
•The image mustn’t be crowded; it should be sharp & clear.

3. Regular posting 

The Ft. Lauderdale studies show that the ideal website is the one that regularly posts content on its walls, and such an example is regular blogging. The prime purpose of traditional blogging is to provide the respective clients with the answer to their questions & help them to learn better about your products & services. 

One additional advantage of daily blogging is SEO & expansion of the brand’s visibility. 

4. Redesign 

Have you ever considered redesigning your site? If not, then start thinking now because the customers might feel boring by seeing the same designs for years now.

Ask your web designer in Ft. Lauderdale to present you with new designs that match the technology. The redesigning features of a website are:

• Learn to prioritize the content
• Updating or adding the dropbox
• Changing the logo (if considering branding)
• Change font styles & images
• Add Background pictures
• Encourage Minimalistic design yet attractive

As the technology is changing, so is the search engine algorithm, so it is mandatory to update the site’s designs according to the algorithm as the brands nowadays don’t want to work with ancient sites. 

5. Mobile Version

Whether you belong to the technical team or the creative team, the one thing you must have heard infinite times is that mobile-friendly sites are a necessity nowadays because the majority of the website guests are smartphone users now. 

Owning a mobile-friendly site generates more traffic due to mobile popularity & also increases the brand value with the help of the SEO Ft. Lauderdale. Due to these reasons, many of the designers now prefer to build a mobile-friendly site first. 

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