Web Development is Now Simplified With the Inception of Magento 2, Read How?

When you plan to develop a website, there are a lot of things that come into the picture. From the development of an attractive website to designing the navigation, Search Engine Optimization to payment processing window, each and every element of your website is very important for productivity.

This is the reason why Magento 2 Development Company Miami is flourishing these days. Magento 2 is a mind-blowing open-source eCommerce platform which is feature-rich and offers amazing customer retention rate and improves the productivity of your business.

When we discussed with the popular Magento 2 Development Company, Miami, there came a lot of reasons to count on this platform.

Advanced Technology

The new version of Magento 2 showcases the modern coding standards and makes use of advanced technologies like PHP 5.4, CSS 3, HTML 5, etc.


Webmasters always enjoy the flexible and customized operation because every website purpose and function is different and unique. Magento 2 is highly simplified and customizable. The interface and layered navigation are super convenient for users.

As this is the open-source platform, there is the provision of enable, disable, and delete the coding. Besides that, web developers can easily configure XML. Be it about themes or coding, everything is highly customizable through Magento 2.

Performance and Scalability

Magento 2 offers features like Redish and Varnish support, improved indexers, Availability of full-page cache, new UX for admin, import and export improvement, etc. Such features raise the performance and scalability of the website.

Installation and Upgrades

Magento 2 wants to offer high flexibility and awesome features to its users. The team of Magento 2 is working to simplify the process of installation and upgrades. Magento 2 offers a standalone installation feature that supports the rapid installation and makes things easier for you.

Testing Coding And Quality

Testing is very crucial for a platform that is open to all. Magento 2 is one amongst them. Magento 2 came up with the new and advanced testing feature that enables the developers to automate the testing of varied functions.  As a result of which, developers would be able to reap the best quality sites and better functionalities.


With a wide range of advanced and customizable features, Magento 2 is a cost-effective option to develop a website single-handedly. You don’t need much help from the professionals if you know even a very little of the field. The cost of hiring a testing professional is also eliminated because the latest Magento 2 offers an automated testing process.

Try Out Magento 2 For Enhancing the Quality of Your Existing Website or Building a New One.

Magento 2 is a complete advanced level of its previous version with many new features for its users. If you are already using Magento software, it is high time to switch to the latest Magento 2. It may be a little tricky but you may take help of professionals that seamlessly transform you to the new version.

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