What are the five critical elements of an effective website?

Your website is an essential tool for your business as it tells who you are and how you work. For instance, if your web designer has created a user-friendly site to ease the visitor’s effort, what will be the result? Such as, telling them the next step or using the hamburger menus signifies that you care about the business & its reputation & by default, the browsers will keep coming back to you & hence enhancing your digital game.  

So, you want to excel in the online marketing game by having an effective website, 

Not sure how? Don’t stress, and the Hollywood web developer has the critical elements of a successful website. To find out, keep reading this blog till the end to find out? 

1. Content

Content is the most important thing for a website to run successfully, as content is why the visitors come to your site. So, you have the updated information daily or at least twice/ thrice a week depending upon the work & requirement. 

How can someone not mention SEO when talking about the content? 

Only posting the relevant content is not enough. The content you are updating on your site must be well researched & must be relevant to the search to enhance the visibility on the search engine & that is called search engine optimization (SEO). Otherwise, there is no point. 

2. Fit for all screen sizes 

Mobile users hold the world’s half of the internet traffic, i.e., 54.8% excluding tablets, and the number has been growing ever since. That’s why it is essential to make a website easily accessible from all the available devices such as android, iPhones, tablets & more for better & faster reach. Having a flexible site is surely going to up your online business graph. 

3. Web design 

The third most essential wheel of owning a successful site is having the one with the best & trendy designs as per the Web Designer Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean that you add infinite images, and the wall looks messy, filled all the time. That’s why it is essential that you keep the web design trendy yet straightforward, and the following ways can achieve this:

Mindful of using the images: appropriate to the context plus limited number. 

White space: by default, it attracts customers & creates a balance of colors. 

4. Contact information 

Please don’t confuse the contact information and the website content, as they aren’t the same. Contact information is essential if you’re not having a physical location of your business. The contact details must be given with the different colors to highlight them & must be on the homepage (preferably top right/ left). The contact details must include:

· Name

· Physical location

· Mobile number (preferably more than 1)

· E-mail address

· Social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) 

5. Navigation 

As the visitor moves ahead on your site, he must serve with the directions for the next steps like pressing the * button & then pressing any key & more. Navigations easy their work plus a facility should be there to enable it, in case not needed. 

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