Why investing in responsive website design is a good idea?

Designing a website is crucial for every business, no matter whether you have a start-up or establish a business. Nowadays, technology has evolved day by day you need to follow the trend and need to be updated and invent new things in your skill. Web Development Miami team has revealed why a responsive website design is a good idea for you.

Have a look:

Faster Load Time

Fast loading time is not only crucial for Google but it is also useful for the users. It is noticed that most users leave the site if it has more loading time. As a result, you will lose traffic to your website and affect the conversion opportunity.

On the other hand, if your site loads faster, it helps the user to navigate the site easily and find out what they look forward in the website. When you have a responsive website you don’t need to design two websites for a single business for mobile and desktop. Also, it will save your team working time. It directly impacts your expenses on maintenance.

Better Ranking in Search Results

A responsive website means better SEO because Google always considers the website first with a responsive design. So this factor also affects the Google ranking factor.  We can say that Google might rank a non-responsive website lower than a responsive website. This is true Google also looks forward to many factors but it always gives the priority to user experience and you can’t ignore it.

More Mobile Traffic

When you design a responsive website it will work well on mobile and it will directly increase the mobile user on your website. In this techno era, most people use mobile devices to take any updates and buy things. A survey in 2018 showed that 57% of global traffic comes from mobile devices. It is covert more than half of the internet traffic. It will show a significant business growth opportunity for your business.

So this is very crucial for us to ensure that your website works well on all devices, whether mobile devices or laptops.

Increased Social Sharing

If any website loads faster that will create a good user experience and it will connect with more people and the sharing chance get increase from the mobile. A responsive website needs social media icons on it. It will allow the users to share the website content on social media if it is worth it.  It will help to expose your content to connect the new audiences and impress the existing ones, also increasing the chances of conversions. Also, it increases social engagement and helps build credibility, which may impact your search engine ranking.


These are some benefits of responsive website design. So, if you are looking for a web development company, you need to see their ability like they can design a responsive website or not for your business if you don’t have a responsive website you need to consider redesigning it.

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