It’s Time for a New Website for Your Business

A giant corporation or a startup in this digital age can not survive without an updated website.
If a business wants to live to tell the tale, then they must invest their time and money on designing an up-to-the-minute and rationalized website. It is no longer a choice but a powerful marketing tool to stay relevant in the digital world.

Here’s why we think it’s time for every business to create a new website:

1. Unsecured Websites Are So 2018
Up until last year,it was pretty awesome to have a secure website. Today, it’s no longer a choice but an absolute requirement.
Your new fangled website now needs to be secured and switched to HTTP. As soon as you take the leap, you will immediately see an increase in the search rankings. Pretty soon there will come a time when unsecured websites will receive zero attention. Before that time comes, how about a new website design?

2. Slow and Steady Will Not Win the Race
Website page speeds has an unswerving impact on conversion and traffic. The sad reality is that regardless of how great a website is, lack of speed can damage all that.
Slow websites result in poor user experience and that’s the last thing a company would want. In 2019, most competitors should be doing everything in their power to make a good impression in less than three seconds with good speed.
Slow websites won’t stand a chance.

3. Over The Top Designs Never Achieved Anything
If your company’s website looks like a place where several people spilled their paint buckets, you might need to redesign. It was in 2017, when the marketers noticed that clean and minimalist websites received more traffic and higher conversion.
In 2018 some adopted, some didn’t. In 2019, when speed remains priority, clean, eye-catching design will go hand in hand to increase the efficiency of the website.

4.    It’s an Era of Mobile-First
Website development in 2021 will be focused on making it extremely mobile friendly.
Your company might need a new website if it doesn’t have the following mobile-first features:

1- Adaptive to all kinds of devices including desktop, mobile and tablet
2- Free of pop-ups
3- Short-form content focused on engaging visitors with few words
4- Short-meta titles and content with high readability

5. The Days of Keyword Stuffing Is Long Gone

Websites with extreme keyword stuffing are going to see themselves at the bottom of the search rank–perhaps not even there.
In fact, even quality content and trusted links alone are not enough to improve one’s ranking. It would just be the beginning of creating an optimized website.
It’s all about searcher intent now. Ranking is now based on context, and advanced level keywords research.

The bottom line is that updated websites are now crucial for the survival of every business. If the stats and estimations have anything to say about it,then this year a website over haul would be more valuable than ever before. If you have yet to develop a website for your business, or still relying on an old one,reach out to Smash Interactive Agency and race ahead of your competitors.

What is Online Marketing?

Have you always wondered if you’re the only one who has no idea what online marketing is? Don’t worry, you are not.
Even though no marketing strategy is ever discussed without the mention of online marketing, not many of us know what this term actually entails.
If you are a first-time marketer, small-business owners, new entrepreneur, experienced entrepreneur, or just a knowledge seeker, here’s what you need to know about online marketing.

What is it?

Before we move on to the detailed description of the term, let’s make one thing clear. Digital marketing, internet marketing,and online marketing are all the different names of the same sub section of marketing.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s learn the very basics of online marketing.
Online marketing is just a kind of out reach in which all kinds of marketing efforts are executed online, in the digital world.
Why? Because lately, people have begun to spend more and more time online, rather than in the real world. For instance, when we walk on the streets, or take a ride from home to work, we have our eyes locked on too mes form of electronic device.
All the billboards outside, are not getting the same kind of attention they used to get before, not that anything can replace that kind of advertisement, but with such a large audience online, businesses can not afford to let go of an opportunity like that.
In short, all kinds of efforts made by a business to appear online and to build a strong online presence is called online marketing.

Understanding the Common Mumbo Jumbo of Online Marketing

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search engines play a large part in building a business’ online presence. If online marketing is done right, then keyword searches related to a business,makes the business’s website rank high on the search engine result page (SERP).
There are two ways to rank high on search engines, through paid search results or organic search results.

• Ranking Algorithm
Most people seem to trip as soon as terms like ranking algorithm appears.
It really is easy to feel lost when people start talking numbers and using jargon that sounds otherworldly.Just think of ranking algorithm as the black box that every search engine owns. This black box determines which website appears on the SERPs.
Don’t worry, all you need to do is understand this. Online marketing agencies in Miami are well aware of these algorithms, and that’s how they design a successful online marketing strategy.

• Lead Generation/Lead magnet/lead nurturing
These three terms are not alike, but one of them can’t happen without the other hence they need to be understood alongside each other.
Lead generation is pretty much self-explanatory. Leads are the customers, and generating them means capturing their interest.
Lead magnet refers to luring your customers even further. You offer them something free in exchange of their email IDs. Sending PR packages to successful social media personalities is also a lead magnet.
Lead nurture is making them take the final step and becoming your customers. For that, you’ll need to nurture them, and follow-up with them through different means.
You don’t really have to know more than this, if you don’t want to. As far as online marketing is concerned, online marketing firms like Smash Interactive Agency are more than versed in this art. Reach out to them to build a strong online presence for your business today!

5 Great Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Firm

In 2018, we saw massive progress and changes being madein digital marketing. One thing we learned from last year is that thedigital world is getting bigger than ever and in order for a business to survive, they must get onboard or remain unknown.
Businesses today must rely on digital marketing firms to create their digital image, and here are five great reasons they should do that:

•    To Focus
The secret to teamwork is letting everyone do what they do best, and coming together to create a masterpiece.
A digital marketing agency miami takes control of a business’ online presence. As a result, the business can focus on excelling at their trade.
Startups and small businesses cannot afford an entire department for digital marketing. What they want is an online marketing agency that can take command of that area of marketing for them. Apart from keeping a check and offering suggestions oradvice, businesses do not have to do much else. This saves their time and helps them create their reputation by providing excellent products and services.

• To Stay Relevant
Digital marketing is not about the business, but what the customers expect from a business. So,In order to achieve that, it requires research–the kind that is done on a day-to-day bases.
In the digital world things, changes within minutes and it needs one to stay vigilant to run a company’s campaign based on latest trends and practices in the industry.
A company will stop being relevant if they start laggingbehind as it needs continuous attention. A small company or a startup can either work in their niche or stay active in the digital world of marketing. It is as far-fetched as it sounds, hence a company must hire an online marketing agency if they want to stay relevant.

• To Get ExpertsTo Design Your Content
When a company hires a reputable online marketing agency, a team of individuals sits together, to design a strategy. These people are not just any ordinary people,but are experts who have trained and studied digital marketing.
The plan and prepare based on tried and tested techniques that bring forth guaranteed results.
This is not something just anyone can do for businesses and that too in a timely manner.

• For a One-Stop Shop
It takes lots of work to research the market, find reputable digital marketers and then assess their work.
A digital marketing firm, on the other hand, is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Whether you want to create a logo, design and optimize your website, develop new content, or want to create a social media presence, you can get it all done from one place.
That’s time-saving and simply smarter.

• Get Exposed to New Ideas
This is an overlooked benefit of hiring anonline marketing agency, but businessesoften get some pretty good insight from the team of experts working on their digital campaign.
Digital marketing as line of work recruitscreative minds and helps a business outshine their competitors by using new and imaginative ideas.

If you are a new entrepreneur, or owner of a small business make sure you reap the benefits of hiring an onlinemarketing agency. You can reach out to a trusted and reputed firm such as Smash Interactive Agency to help your business become notable on the digital platform.